The Letter “D”

This is a fun little meme. A blogger gives you a letter and then you post 10 things you like that starts with that letter. Stephanie gave me the letter D!

DHC – They have some wonderful beauty products!

Daft Punk – I love these guys!

Della Q – They have some great knitting bags and needle cases

Dean Koontz – One of my favorite authors

David Boreanaz – I just loved him as Angel

Dogs – I love dogs, especially the little ones…Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahuas, Pugs, etc. They are so cute!

David Blaine – He does some awesome stuff

Dublin – a place I’d love to visit someday

December – My birthday, Christmas, and snow; what’s not to love about December?

Dark Chocolate – What can I say, it’s delicious and good for you!!!


2 thoughts on “The Letter “D”

  1. Terrie,

    Hello there! I had no idea that you had started a blog or had gotten the knitting bug!

    I noticed I am now just a college friend instead of being your best friend like I was on your previous site?

    I guess I should call or we should have lunch or dinner more often?


    Brian (the college friend)

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