Yes, the concert was awesome!!! I know a lot of you were surprised to see that I like that kind of music ;) I actually like all kinds of music (pretty much). Here’s what I’m currently listening to in the car:

1. Ozzy Osbourne ~ Black Rain
2. Static-X ~ Cannibal
3. Daft Punk ~ Alive 2007 (just got this yesterday…LOVE it!!)
4. Bend It Like Beckham Soundtrack
5. Techno Mancer
6. Techno Mix 2

I find this is the best kind of music to listen to since I’m in the car for almost 2 hours every day! The only thing better is an audiobook, which I really need to get soon…it’s been too long since I’ve read a book!


4 thoughts on “Music

  1. LOVE audio books. They are great for car trips and for knitting. I caught up on most of Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” series by getting it out of the library.

    I’m glad that you had fun at the concert.


  2. I’m glad the show was good. I like a lot of different stuff, too. People always look at me funny when I can switch the radio at work and sing just about anything that is on.

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