Fun Weekend

My weekend started early :) On Thursday night I met some friends to see My Fair Lady. It was really funny, and I loved the musical numbers. I think I might have to go to the theater more often!

Friday afternoon I went down to Tattered Cover to join my friends (and 200+ knitters) to hear the Yarn Harlot speak! Here are some of us waiting in line. We kind of took over the store.

If you get the chance to see Stephanie in person, you should definitely go. She is hilarious and I couldn’t stop laughing! Stephanie is also really nice to speak with everyone while signing books and letting us all take pictures with her. I got to hold the sock!


14 thoughts on “Fun Weekend

  1. i’ve written this on a couple of blogs already, but my DH played horn in My Fair Lady! I’m glad you liked it! i am sorry I missed the Harlot. We’re trying to keep Satya’s nighttime schedule consistent, so that I’m not punished in the middle of the night! So I couldn’t go……:(

  2. Terrie~saw you all over the place on different blogs and it looks like you and your friends had such a fun time! Happy for you…what is it you are working on?

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