Whiskers on Wednesday

I’ve mentioned before how much Charlie likes yarn (especially if there’s wool in it). She also LOVES bags. So, I usually keep all my knitting stuff in the closet so she can’t get into it. The other night I came home from knitting and foolishly thought my bag would be safe on the chair.

I think she’s saying “Please mom, don’t make me get out of this wonderful bed!” :)


15 thoughts on “Whiskers on Wednesday

  1. Just to let you know….that’s what Jesse looked like, right before he stood up and peed in my knitting bag! Just a little heads up warning about cute kitties in knitting bags!! :)

  2. must be a cat thing. Nat’s kat likes to sit in my suitcase, every single weekend i am there. If my suitcase lid is open he’s sitting in it. I am always yelling GET OUT OF THERE and he goes running

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