Whiskers on Wednesday

Today Charlie shows you how much she LOVES wool yarn. Kennedy displays her complete lack of interest :D


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10 thoughts on “Whiskers on Wednesday

  1. oh my gosh kennedy is a cute tubby kitty that I would love to nuzzle. but alas I cant hence I am allergic. beautiful kitties!

  2. Too cute! Luckily…that yarn is for her! I almost want to tell you to knit the kitty bed…and then not felt it. Jesse liked it much better before it was felted and then he didn’t really get in it much once I felted it. Just a thought. I love the video though…and hearing you laugh half-way through! :)

  3. How cute…….unless of course, you need to actually knit that yarn. I still think Thor has you beat with his whole basket of Thor maulings at KK. Kennedy could give Thor a run for his money, they are both so cute. Thanks for sharing.

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