How Old Is Your Cat?

Catster has a great article on how to calculate your cat’s age in cat years.

It turns out that cats are not 7 “human” years for every calendar year. They actually age more rapidly during the first 2 years of their life, and then it evens out to about 4 cat years for every calendar year. The article also has a nice description of a cat’s life span and indicators of a cat’s age.

According to the chart above, Kennedy is 60 cat years and Charlie is 64 cat years! How old is your cat?

Happy Whiskers on Wednesday!


I Finished The Hat…

…just in time for 60 degree weather :) Oh well, the mornings are still chilly and it’s Spring in Colorado so I’m sure I’ll have the chance to wear to wear it before putting it away until next winter!

Temple Cats Hat

Pattern: Temple Cats Hat
Started: Friday, March 12, 2010
Finished: Friday, March 26, 2010
Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss DK in Coast Grey and White
Needles: Size US 7

After a false start (I twisted the stitches while joining in the round) this was a fun and quick knit! The most annoying thing was having to untwist the 2 colors every once in a while as I was working on the cats. Thanks again, Cheryl, for the great PIF gift!!

Here’s Something You Don’t See Everyday

Peruvian surfer Domingo Pianezzi rides a wave with his alpaca Pisco at San Bartolo beach in Lima March 16, 2010. Pianezzi has spent a decade training dogs to ride the nose of his board when he catches waves, and now he is the first to do so with an alpaca. REUTERS/Pilar Olivares