Temple Cats Hat

I finished the cats part of my hat over the weekend. Now I just need to work the decreases. I hope it fits me when I’m finished :)

Charlie thinks the hat might be for her.

Or maybe there’s something in this bag for her…

Nope. Guess it’s time to stare out the window.

Happy Whiskers on Wednesday!


12 thoughts on “Temple Cats Hat

  1. Charlie and the hat are both lovely and do have very similar colorings, so I see her confusion. (Or yours. If Sissy was here, she’d insist YOU are the one who is confused… the hat MUST be for Charlie.)

    However, that bag… did I miss a Piddleloop pattern!? Surely had I seen that fabric, I would have snatched it up!

  2. I love it, love it, love it. Charlie loves it too. I am so happy to see the photos, can’t wait to see you wearing it. If this weather keeps up, it might be soon, right????

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