Sewing Pretty with Hello Kitty!

Last weekend my friends and I got together for our annual knitting retreat. Yes, I know I’m a bit late posting this :)

This year some of us worked on a sewing project. Stacey was, yet again, our wonderful teacher. She showed us how to make these cute little zippered pouches:

Since I don’t have my own sewing machine. Stacey was kind enough to bring an extra machine that I could use:

Isn’t this the cutest sewing machine!?! It worked really well, too, and was pretty quiet. Sewing the zipper was certainly the trickiest part of this project, but it’s a great little pouch and so fun to finish something!

Here we are just getting ready to start:

Thank you, Sam, for taking these great pictures!

I also finished the Airy Scarf  last weekend, which you can see on my Ravelry Page.


11 thoughts on “Sewing Pretty with Hello Kitty!

  1. oooh they all came out so great! i wish i could have been there sewing with y’all.. altho i might have had to fight you to use the hello kitty machine just once!

    (still cant wait til august to come out there!!!!)

  2. I LOVE that sewing machine! If I was still an avid sewer, I would be all over it and charging my credit card this very moment, but I don’t think I work in fabric enough to make it worthwhile now, sadly.

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