Charlie Enjoys the Snow

We had another snow storm last night. It’s still snowing, but should taper off soon. Sadly, we didn’t get enough for a snow day.

I let Charlie go out on the balcony before I left for work. Kennedy came to the door too, but decided she didn’t want to go out in the cold.

I love how she shakes her legs and licks her paws every few seconds. She really does enjoy spending a little time in the snow :)

I hope those of you who have gotten snow recently are staying warm and dry!


6 thoughts on “Charlie Enjoys the Snow

  1. Snow! We got a little on Halloween but it didn’t even make the ground white. I’m hoping for another month of nice weather.

  2. I am suprised that she went out in the snow……mine won’t. Shamus likes me to open the door to check the weather on the deck. If it is too cold he shakes his head and comes back in the house.
    By the way, I have two cat perches with removable fleece covers that we can no longer use because we got new shutters for our windows. They now have a cat tree to look out. They are still not too sure about the cat tree. Probably a mutual protest for removing the perches. Let me know and I can get them to you.

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