Old Shale Scarf

A couple of months ago a friend had an open house to showcase hand-dyed yarns and patterns from Myra Garcia of Fancy Image Yarns. Myra had some lovely yarns, and I picked up 1 skein of a really pretty fingering weight yarn, 50% merino wool/50% tencel. I decided to knit the Old Shale Scarf pattern by Tiennie Knits (link opens as PDF).

The skein had just 220 yards, and I was initially thinking about casting on fewer stitches so I would have a narrower and longer scarf. In the end, I didn’t change anything and simply followed the pattern.

I used every bit of yarn and the scarf did seem a bit short when I finished knitting it. Luckily, after blocking it the scarf grew to a better length :)


3 thoughts on “Old Shale Scarf

  1. That is a really pretty colour – beautiful yarn. The pattern is gorgeous too. This combined with your midas touch, and WOW that’s a fabulous scarf. X

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