Catching Up…Denver Quilt Guild

I’ve been keeping busing sewing blocks for the Denver Quilt Guild (DQG). Below are the blocks I’ve made for 3 of the participants of this quilting bee. We just have a few months left and I’ll receive my blocks to start putting my quilt together!

Lorrie is making a strip quilt, and her theme is “everything goes with denim”. I was able to contribute 4 squares since they’re so small and quick to make:

Strip Blocks

Katie is doing the Fresh Lemons Summer Sampler Series. I made 2 blocks for her quilt. This one is Lucky Pieces:

Lucky Pieces Block

And this one is Greek Cross:

Greek Cross Block

Finally, Stacey’s quilt is made up of wonky log cabins, inspired by Drunk Love in a Log Cabin:

Wonky Log Cabin

Wonky Log Cabin

I’ve also had fun participating in 2 swaps with the DQG. I’ll share pictures of those in the next post :)


One thought on “Catching Up…Denver Quilt Guild

  1. Your work is always impeccable and beautiful. These squares are no exception. Lovely seeing you yesterday. See you again Friday. Ps, nice fox xxx

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