Saying Goodbye

Kennedy, 1999–2014

Kennedy - 1999

Kennedy – 1999

I am writing today with sad news. It was necessary to have Kennedy euthanized last Sunday (6/1). Kennedy was fifteen years old and had been struggling with a number of heath problems.

Kennedy & Me - 1999

Kennedy & Me – 1999

I haven’t been keeping up with blogging and I realize I had never mentioned that Kennedy was diagnosed with diabetes a year ago. Unfortunately Kennedy didn’t respond to insulin as well as most cats do. The diabetes caused neuropathy in her limbs, which affected her hind legs the worst. As time went on she began mis-stepping and swaying when she’d stand up. Kennedy had also been struggling with pancreatitis and most recently kidney disease. During the last couple of weeks she slowly stopped eating. Kennedy was euthanized at home by a Caring Pathways veterinarian; she passed quickly and quietly.

Kennedy & Charlie

Kennedy & Charlie

It was very hard to say goodbye to Kennedy last Sunday, and it’s been a sad week without her, but I know it was the right decision to keep her from suffering. I am truly grateful for the time Kennedy was in my life.

Kennedy – May 2014

Kennedy – May 2014



Last week I was packing for Camp Wannaknitknit (weekend knitting retreat – more on that in another post). I was getting some knitting projects together and Kennedy was jumping on a box in the closet. The next time I looked over she was getting comfy:

She’s not much help in the packing department, I guess!